Self-service facilities

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


Dial 0860 002 134.


For benefits, claims and membership-related enquiries, please press 1.


Enter your membership number.

The system will recognise your membership number and offer you the appropriate menus.

Available self-service options:

General Practitioner
General practitioner consultations
Acute / Routine Medication
Acute/Routine medication
Chronic Medication
Chronic medication
Basic Dentistry
Basic dentistry
Advanced Dentistry
Advanced dentistry
Non-Surgical Procedures
Non-surgical procedures
Pathology out of hospital
Pathology out of hospital
Physiotherapy out of hospital
Physiotherapy out of hospital

Documents that can be requested:

The system will check your benefits, such as family limit, beneficiary limit and/or numeric values

  • Membership certificate 
  • Tax certificate for the last completed year
  • Claims statements

Documents can be faxed to 0860 665 357 or emailed to

ER24 (emergency medical services) — 084 124
Dial now